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Platform-delivered services offer speed, scale and accuracy

By the end of 2018, hybrid IT infrastructure has become the de facto operating model for nearly every enterprise. Hybrid promises tremendous leverage to improve IT operations. But it brings with it complexity that requires high skills and capabilities to handle interoperability and data workloads across extreme systems – legacy and new generation. While the prevailing thought process among CIOs is to invest in more tools, I believe tools only add to the complexity. What these organizations need are skilled engineers who have matured from legacy systems and now work on cloud.

As the IT environments become more diverse, it is not viable anymore for IT departments to add more staff. Instead the focus must be on standardisation in service management – and this is increasingly achieved by using partners like SwankTek who deliver services from platforms. Platform-based service delivery is faster, more reliable, and is a cost-effective way to set up and manage services rather than custom-built solutions. These services are standardised, and hence make deliver more predictable besides enabling consistent, scalable and repeatable processes that are critical to businesses and their clients. Platform-based services also lower onboarding time, accelerates services benefits, while making the service provider accountable for the adoption of the service. Using managed services approach to implement digital transformation initiatives can accelerate and lower the chances of failure in such initiatives. Such an approach drastically reduces the time-to-develop as service providers can ramp up faster, offering greater scaling capabilities and the exact degree of automation required. SwankTek enables its clients to drive automation which assures low service costs, and gives impetus and agility to innovate, which was not possible with traditional, FTE-style service delivery, where operations consumed almost all of the budgets. 

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